Juliette has a collection of 400+ abstract photo’s created and selected since 2009

Due to copying by others there are only a minimum presented on this website.
But they give a fair impression of the style and artisticity of Juliette.

Most exposed works:
“Translucent Depts of Nature”

This photographic series shows carefully selected work, pure and uncut.
My goal was to capture as much movement and breaking of light possible, in order to produce an extraordinary abstract image of objects very common and in origin recognizable.

The macro photography that you see here is not staged, not made in the studio but a study of “things around us” that are liable to break so much light in themselves that a new world appears. No editing has taken place and no cutting. You see the picture as pure as it was taken.


This series – called “Translucent Depths of Nature” – is a conscientious selection of just 10 images (out of …. let’s say many ; ) that have clear things in common.

  • They have no figurative (say: recognizable) elements.
  • The dynamic of the picture is sought for
  • They have a distinct light dynamic or absence of it
  • They have intense color-patterns

In the end-product the uv-ink has been sublimated into (yes not ON but into) the aluminum plates, giving it a radiating glow and uncanny liveliness. It is an “automatic” gloss finish, due to the heat that is used during the process as where the pigments are pressed into the aluminum molecules.Every image is completed with an aphorism resonating with the story enwrapped within the artwork.

I am very proud to finally present these works. Hope you will fall in love with them ; )

VIDEO: ‘Translucent Depts of Nature’ in the Studio of Juliette, displayed printed on aluminum

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